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and grown and say that -- groan and say that obama is demeaning in the way he deals with house speaker john boehner. hold on, says columnist rockman. we expect too much of obama he says because in the united states, we subscribe to the quote, unquote myth of the imperial presidency. other transformational democratic presidents such as fdr and lbj, rockman says, have substantial democratic majorities in both the senate and in the house to enact their landmark legislation. obama in contrast has had to work with a narrow democratic majority in the senate and with an opposition party, the republicans in control of the house for the two years since january 2011. well, what about ronald reagan? president of the united states two successful four-year terms. on the domestic front, he enacted a major economic recovery package followed by an overhaul of social security. and in his second term, reagan gained a major tax reform. on the defense front, republican president reagan again with the help of the rity presided over a major increase in the defense budget, congress presided over a major increase
to give back was in the educational arena. i love that president obama house the same values. he knows that, for our nation, and education cannot be a luxury. it will strengthen the middle- class and strengthen the work force will keep some of davis -- that will keep us innovated. if you're thinking about how you can search or how you can follow the president's example to honor this national day of service, start with this. make a difference in one child's life. mentor a student. donated book to a library, doenitz applies to a neighborhood school. -- donate a book to a library, donate supplies to a school. i am here because i have someone looking out for me. i'm telling you how important my education was. someone was pushing me to succeed. but i want to make sure the next generation has that as well. so last year, when i launched the eva longoria foundation, i focused on helping advance what team as -- advance latinas in education. a belief that america should be a place where hard work pays off, where ambition can create opportunity, and, no matter where at you look like or where you
us. >>> we'll find out what the white house is like for sasha and malia obama and those other rare americans who spent their childhood there. >>> and as the mo town legend smokey robinson prepares for the president, he sits down with us to explain why this inauguration is personal. ♪ and we'll be free ♪ >> that and so much more on "cbs this morning saturday," january 19th, 2013. captioning funded by cbs >>> wow. what a gorgeous sunrise, eh? >> stunning backdrop. >> you couldn't ask for anything better. >> it's an exciting morning leading to washington's two-day event. joe biden's official swearing in is at 8:15 a.m. eastern time and then the possible will take the oath of office in the white house blue room. >> 20 hours later comes the ceremonial swearing in of the president at the capitol. that's followed immediately by his inaugural address. that's shortly after 2:30 in the afternoon mr. obama introduces the troops and the inauguration begins at 6:00. >>> let's get you caught up. we begin with the continuing hostage crisis at the norway gas plant in
. former white house official in the obama administration. van, four years ago, you were getting ready to work in the white house. lot different this time. >> yeah, yeah, last time it was excitement. the sense that we could not believe it was happening. now it's conformation. i think there was a sense that, you know, was this an accident of history. was he just sort of getting lucky because bush made mistakes, was it his smile? no, it was for real. we can do this had and for him now to be going out there, with the lincoln bible, and the mlk bible, 150 years ago. the emancipation proclamation, he could not be standing up there, barack obama a black man. and dr. king, without him, he would not be standing there. so the two men, he is there with both bibles. it's just a sense of conformation about what a country we are. >> despite the conformation and all the pomp and circumstances, the president needs to work with congress and the republican house that he has butted heads with so much, how do you think the president should address the bitter partisan divide that exists in washington in t
in the last few years and this was an issue that propelled president obama into the white house and allowed him to beat hillary clinton and beat john mccain in the 2008 general election and it's important to note that four years ago as president obama was taking the oath of office, there were 140,000 troops in iraq, now that number is just 200. so a pretty significant change in that country and certainly one of the issues that maybe we're not talking about as much as we should be. >> all right. mark murray, nbc new senior political editor. thank you, sir. >> thanks, craig. >> a potential breakthrough is being treated with skepticism. house republicans on friday announced a plan to extend the debt ceiling deadline until mid-april. >> we will extend the debt limit until the timeline when you have a budget and a road map so you stop digging yourself in the hole. part of not having the budget is what's gotten us into this problem in the first place. >> of course, at stake here is the credibility of the u.s. economy and the united states can befall to the national debt and it does not increase t
the white house. mrs. obama wakes up before dawn to work out. back with us, a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, official trainer for the atlanta hawks cheerleaders, so much going on. so how does michelle obama, one, get the arms and keep them? >> i wish it was just as simple as getting michelle obama's arms. she is very active, first of all. it's not just about spot training, working out the arms. she's active, watches what she eats. she's very into nutrition. those are two key factors into getting toned arms. another thing is genetics. and she was a college athlete. she has a lot of things on her side. but if you want to tone your arms and strengthen and work on getting a little more shape, you can do the following exercises. i brought my dumbbells. you can do these, too, if you want to. hammer curls to get our biceps in the front of our arm. they're going to flex. you can do this and then twist at the top and you can see -- well, you can't see yours in your jacket, but it might pop the sleeve. >> they are bulging. >> this will work our biceps. you have the weights. that's mo
, an occasional guest on this program wrote in the national review, barack obama set a new standard for stupidly exploittative white house events. >> i think that's really an unfair criticism. it was children who were killed at sandy hook, and it was children who had written to the president saying this is what we can do, can you do something? it was an emotional pitch, yes, it was against an organization as kirsten says owns the congress and i think it's fair game. >> jon: the l.a. times, jim called the president's production, big, bold and brassy. >> right. of course, if it had been under reagan or bush 41 or 43 they would have called it deferesque, as in mike defer, would have said it was-- the showmanship and pageantry here part of television chug television news and can't complain about it too much, but it's situational when it's good when democrats do it, bad when republicans do it. >> jon: and then the nra ad that came out this week, and t the-- it blasts nbc news anchor david gregory as being sort of elitist and a hypocrite. what do you think, kirsten? >> well, i mean, the ad probably --
of the burrcrats to chase down that 60 billion figure . the system is broken, i agree with mark but the obama care is halfway house to single payer . man date taxes are too low. hold on a second, mark. more people are going to be dumped in a government. by the way, hang on. nixon. hang on . no, we are not. it would cost trillion. let me finish, mark i beg your pardon. >> it was enacted in britain and can dampt they have fewer mri machines and the wait list are long. >> morgan, when we look for a solution that really works, what we think of is putting the individual back in charge . when an individual is in charge of the cost and care that he or she is receiving, aren't they more responsible? whatever plan we work for isn't that the goal to put them in charge? >> it is it a great concept and going back to the idea of medicare. we will have to take a red pin to entitlements in general. >> last word for morgan. thank you. >> an amazing person . yeah, he's incredible and amazing. >> it is always -- it is always exciting. so it is exciting. >> neal cavuto is going to washington. he's the president gues
a mural in a local elementary school and joining us now is a former obama white house spokesman . welcome, great to have you here. thank you for having me. >> what about the day of service and why is it important to tie it to his in- inauguration. >> we are kicking off with a national day of service. this is a tradition that the president would like future presidents to carry on. repairing schools and making care package for the service members and we are seeing a great turn out on the national mall it is an appropriate start to the inaugural celebration. >> there is a more subdued tone to the festivities and scaled back on the events, can you tell us why? >> we have seen an incredible outpouring of support. they are typical smaller for the second inaugural. people are participate nothing all 50 states. you don't have to come to washington d.c. to participate in the event. we had 2800 applicant to apply for 50 spots representing for the states. for security we moved all of the balls in one sight so we didn't have to shut down the entire city of washington d.c.. we learned from the first i
will be made tomorrow as president obama is officially sworn in for his second term ahead of his ceremonial swearing in on inauguration day monday. kristen welker has more from the white house tonight. >> reporter: president obama kicking off his inauguration weekend by lending a hand to the nationwide day of service. >> this inauguration we're going to be, it's a symbol of how our democracy works and how we peacefully transfer power, but it should also be an affirmation that we're all in this together. >> reporter: but there are still deep divides, including an upcoming deadline over the debt dealing which is the nation's borrowing limit. this week's top republicans offered a new plan that would increase the limit for three months and require congress to pass the budget within that time frame or else no pay. >> we're saying is we will extend the debt limit until the time line where you have a budget a road map. >> reporter: republicans are hoping that strategy will lead democrats to agree to deep spending cuts. officials close to the president say mr. obama is open to more cuts but insists
, regarding the election and that issue. so yeah, if obama was not around the house gop wouldn't be doing all this, and wouldn't look as nuts. so it is kind of obama's fault. of course, the simpler explanation is not that obama planned all this. but the reason they have been taking moderate positions they have taken for years now, those just may be the positions. if the republican party can't agree to them or come up with popular ideas of their own, the problem may be within the republican party, not at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. barack obama is the president of the united states. he is a very powerful man, responsible for many things. but he is not why most republicans have taken a pledge, saying they will never raise a dollar in taxes no matter what the budget deficit looks like. he is not why they decided to put the whole u.s. economy at risk if they don't get their way on spending cuts. he is not why the white house partnered with gun legislation, no matter how small, is tantamount to taking away guns, he is not why extreme movements like extreme ideas like going back to a gold standard in
the single house of congress, you can't impose, aren't you failing the country? the country chose obama, if you want to save the republic, save the next election. if your conservative philosophy is indeed right, winning will come. joining me now, robert costa, and dave weigel, both of them doing great reporting, i appreciate you being here. robert, i want to start with you, tell me the thinking behind the three-month extension, why three months? >> a lot of it has to do public relations, i think what i heard from the retreat, and members in the room, they want to start to win the pr battle again, to do it they have to take the debt limit off the table, and fight with spending in regard to the upcoming defense cuts, the sequester. they want to put the debt limit off for three months, get it out of the headlines, not let the president use it as a republican punching bag. trying to tell his colleagues, come to the center, let's move on to other issues. >> one of the interesting things about the way they did it and in doing it for only three months, dave, when you do it for three months the
the swearing-in alone. >>> president obama will show his support for d.c. voting rights during the inauguration for the first time his limo will have the district's taxation without representation license plates on it. the white house says the president has seen how unfair it is to the families in the district to work hard, pay their taxes without having a vote in congress. that's right. the plates will be on the white house vehicles throughout president obama's second term. >>> well, 40,000 people are expected to pack their presents to the inaugural ball events. that means that there's a lot of competition to find the best evening gowns. angie goff got help to find out what's appropriate and what's on trend. ♪ >> reporter: when getting ready for a presidential night of unpredictable fashion, choosing a dress can be daunting at the ritz carlton, we catch up with april yvonne, who with the help of saks, shows us house to make a statement. first suggestion -- go glam. >> right now we have lawrence, sporting a gorgeous gold baglia misha dress. this is indiana spired by the red carpet. the gold s
'll still ill housed, ill clad, ill nourished. what dozen barack obama feed to say we'll do to fix it, do you think? >> what i would doyle is say, he seems very engaged in newtown gun control. i would say talk about fear and that we cannot be a society of fear. we have to work together and no mother should be afraid of somebody shooting their child with an assault weapon in a school. no city should fear that if a hurricane wipes them out due to climate change, that you're not going to get federal -- the government there to help you. and i would also obviously abraham lincoln and par tin luther king are going to be mentioned, at least their spirit for sure. i would wiped it to women. nobody seems to ever name drop susan b. anthony or eleanor roosevelt. it might be time for that now, particularly since the president's been getting some heat of not having enough women in his second term and the women's vote contributed to his re-election mightily. >> historically speaking, how much does a second inaugural speech matter? does it set the tone? do people hold the presidential account foblable f
. the poem is independent of the performance of barack obama and the white house. it's independent of forces and circumstances that i could not possibly foresee or predict when i wrote the poem. the poem is about transcendence of a historical moment. it was triggered by a very historical moment, but it seeks to transcend the historical moment because it is very much about breaking away taken-for-granted realities. >> taken-for-granted realities. >> yes. >> which is? >> that the world is as we see it and it always will be. >> hmm. a >> and poets have been saying this for centuries. poets have been trying to get across this message in one form or another. william blake, the great english poet, wrote in one of his prov epro proverbs, what was once proved is now only imagined. >> of course, they thought of him as a madman. >> absolutely. >> what do you take that to mean? >> i take it to mean that all we have to do is look at history to see that things change, and we cannot possibly imagine at the moment of our existence how they will change. we have to have a certain kind of faith. it's paradoxi
. >>> on sunday, the white house will hold a private swearing in ceremony for president obama. not to be outdone, on sunday, republicans will hold a private swearing at ceremony for president obama. >> welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye here live at the national mall. washington is all about ceremonies and celebrations this weekend. and all to mark the start of president obama's second term. the public inauguration celebration is monday, but this morning, we are looking past the oath of office to the next four years. the issues, the plans, and the prospects. and joining me now to talk about what to expect are cnn contributors maria cardona and ana novarro. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, randi. >> so nice to have you here in person. >> we talk almost every saturday, and it's nice to not be talking through the box. >> randi, give me some love. i'm here from miami, all right? >> and you're freezing it out. >> this is warm weather. >> she's wearing it ski gear. >> a little love for you, ana. so nice to see you too. so two issues i want to get to right now. immigration and debt. ma
and a brother answered ." the movie chronicles president obama's plight to win the white house. michael collier is in town for the festivities. it is a pleasure to meet you. >> the pleasure is mine. >> i have been a fan for years, i really have been. >> oh, thank you very much. i am honored to be here for this fantastic weekend. >> yes, it is. >> what led to you make this documentary? >> i wanted to show a love letter to our president, because we love the accomplishments of mr. obama, that he even won this thing the very first time. that's how it started. then as we started really looking at him closer, we realized how much we dug him and there were so many people who want to say things that weren't flattering, that we want to put together a documentary that was purely biased and say, hey, we love you and we're with you. that's how come i also did a children's book. >> i didn't know that. >> the children's book goes right along with it. everybody loved him at first. soon as he got in, they tried to stair the house in half. pushing it back together right there. see the color green down at the bo
. >> the bush second term was plagued by iraq and scandal. amid the preparations for celebration, the new obama term starts with a buth confrontation. >> white house is trying to put a bright spin on it saying that the republicans have backed down from what the white house calls the threat to hold the u.s. economy hostage. >> thank you, steve. we will have continuing coverage throughout the weekend, our political analyst will join our team ofrespondents as the president begins his second term. the big public swearing in is on monday. >> i remember four years ago it was bitter freezing temperatures. it will be better, jeff? >> yeah, looks more mild and that is good news in washington, d.c., a lot of them have coats to keep them warm. back here in the bay area, it's all about the mild weather coming our way and in fact today we started to warm up. let's look at the huge temperature surge. we started off at 30 in gill role and th-- in gill row and tn went up to 60. for the mavericks, the waves are beginning to slowly increase four to five feet, but as we go the sunday, the swells that are building
. we have not seen this white house effectively harness and the -- any of the media. >> goldman sachs. >> one of the reasons i supported president obama was i did not want to see larry summers in the white house. [laughter] with hillary clinton, until the end of her campaign, there was not a sense of how she could bring her history to bear. it was very much a restoration ist campaign. he fell if you are going to get the clinton administration part 3. -- you felt as if you were going to get the clinton administration part 3. if you feel it was such a crisis and panic at that time as many say it was coming out of the calamitous bush administration into the tar, bringing in a team of rivals as obama talked about, all you had was larry summers and tim geithner. both of them have their control over the policies that led to the crisis. in my mind, that opened the door to the tea party. it opened the door to right-wing populism. people saw in this white house favoritism towards goldman sachs and the banks. the problem was the left populism has not emerged until now. for too long, many felt w
. this is their fourth inauguration trip celebration cakes for the president's first one the white house releasing president obama as second presidential portraits days before the inauguration this time he opted for a smile the new photo was shot in the oval office on december 6th. join us monday for his second inauguration. our special coverage at 9:00 a.m. the theme of this year's inauguration will have the parade the speeches into the night of the parties. detectives take a step towards solving the murder of a lottery winner. finding out if he was killed for his lottery prize money. toxicology results still a few weeks away that will likely give us the how, how the poison was introduced into his system bringing investigators they hope closer to might have killed him. the exhibition at rose hill cemetery on the north side took 90 minutes this morning the autopsy a couple of hours. they took samples of most of the 46 year-old organs hair and fingernails samples as well even juror from the grave site in case there is a need to prove that cyanide in the body didn't come from microbes in the ground
volunteers joined him. tomorrow president obama will take the oath of office in a private white house ceremony. monday, hundreds of thousands are expected as he takes the oath on the capitol steps. former presidents clinton and carter will be present at that ceremony monday. not attending former president george h.w. bush and his father, former president bush, the younger bush staying at home because his father is sick. the president was just released from the hospital after an extended illness. also today a big development on the debt limit. a vote is scheduled for next week and we'll dig in to those details later in the show. first, though, the stars are coming out for that national day of service that we just mention mentioned. eva longoria who is an inaugural committee co-chair. and chelsea clinton were one of the first speakers at the event. angela basset is also there and we'll talk to her later here on the show. the president also -- he also spoke at belleville elementary school. take a listen. >> not so much inauguration when we think about the fact that this is dr. king's bir
reaction when you found out that president obama wanted you to come to the white house for his announcement? >> i felt really happy because it was usually my first team. going to the white house and -- and he let me go, so that's usually my first time i'm going to the white house. >> and by the way, that's a beautiful red dress that you wore to the announcement. what did the president -- what did he say to you, hinna? >> he -- he said hi. he said great job and he hugged me. he also gave me a high five. >> i love it. farhan, let me go ahead and bring you in here. i know it's an incredibly proud moment for any parent and a valuable lesson for your daughter, as well. you both met the president and the vice president, i am told, what did they tell you? >> basically, he told me and her great job of writing the letter, and to keep up the good work and he's going to do something. >> you probably know that some people were not pleased that there were children at an event about gun violence. did you have any reservations at all about taking your daughter to that event? >> no reservations at all. som
in privately on the white house on sunday. it is a wonderful coincidence that obama's is being held on martin luther king's birthday. >> we have had many speakers come this week and talk about the current polarization of congress. what you think about the polarization of congress? how can we bridge the gap going forward? >> is definitely polarized. the two political parties have changed dramatically in the last 30 years. when i came to work in the senate in 1976, both political parties were internally divided. each party had a liberal and conservative wing. you had some democrats that were more conservative than the rest of the republicans. every vote was a bipartisan vote. both groups tried to get the people in the middle to swing the way back and forth cured political scientists -- forth. political scientists thought this was terrible. what has happened is, over time, both political parties have become more internally cohesive. the basic reason for this is the southern states migrated from the democratic party. -- party, to the republican party. it held for internal cohesiveness. party lead
. the public celebration is usually delayed about a day. it is part of our religious condition. >> barack obama will take the oath of office and the white house sunday, and then again on monday. he will become the first to turn president to take the oath for times. last time around, the chief justice performed the ceremony made a slip. everyone was sure that it was legitimate, but just to make sure, they did it all again 24 hours later. it is the seventh time the inauguration ceremony came after the swearing-in. the last time that happened was 1985, with ronald reagan's second term. >> the office of the president of the united states. them hundreds of thousands people will be in washington monday, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man or the moment. millions will watch at home in the u.s. and around the world as barack obama delivers his second inaugural address. >> the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> ask not what your country can do for you. asked what you can do for your country. >> some speeches have been memorable, providing lines that live on base. many others have been instan
depend on it. >> white house released president obama official portrait for his second term. first one on the left. he's smiling this time on the right unlike the first term portrait with a more serious expression. he's also showing a little more gray in his hair. white house photo was shot in the oval office back in december. >> and there is new portrait of britain queen elizabeth. old par trot but new to us. it's on display after being banned for half a century. 1952 painting was commissioned for the queen's coronation. but critic said it made her neck look weird sought painting was kept if public view. man who pintoed it conceived the artwork is a beautiful picture of a queen just not queen elizabeth. painting is being pulled out of storage for the queen's diamond jubilee the. not a terrific likeness obviously. >> interesting job is opening up at apple. company wants a writer to turn the virtual personal assistant into a recognizable character. >> size alaska. -- isaac what do you want to say to isaac? >> applicant need to have a love of language. sense of word play and e
plays at 10 a.m. monday. that's right underneath the inauguration platform. >>> when president obama is sworn in again, a virginia family will be part of that celebration. reporter tim saunders shows us why they got the big invite. >> reporter: it's a quiet afternoon of video games at the norman house, but pretty soon they'll be packing for a big trip. >> i'm going to the white house. >> reporter: what are you going to do at the white house? >> i'm going to see the whole house and everything. >> reporter: nathan and his family will be guests at president obama's inauguration ceremony. a member of the secret service invited them. >> it was just amazing. we asked like are you serious and he said absolutely. >> reporter: in the last few months the normans have met hundreds of public safety workers from all over the world. they've been coming to encourage nathan during his battle with cancer. >> nathan's big thing the first time the secret service came out to visit him was how can they come out to see me if it's supposed to be a secret? >> reporter: it's no secret now. they're excit
, both up 1% or more. the nasdaq up just 0.3% on the week. >> susie: house republicans have an inauguration gift for president obama. they're offering up a compromise on the debt ceiling: a three month increase in the federal borrowing limit. it's expected to come to the house floor next week, but it comes with strings attached. the proposal includes a condition that house and senate lawmakers pass a budget blueprint for the coming year or go without pay. house majority leader eric cantor said it's simple. congress shouldn't be paid for failing to do its job. >> tom: next week 80 companies are scheduled to turn in their latest quarterly financial report cards. but rather than the short-term focus on the bottom line, our next guest thinks businesses need to consider all stakeholders, not just shareholders. john mackey is the co-founder and co-c.e.o. of whole foods market. he's author of "conscious capitalism: liberating the heroic spirit of business". john, why is concentrating on shareholders a myth as you call it? >> i don't know if concentrating on shareholders is a myth.
the white house, president obama in the state saying that the u.s. will continue to work with our partners. that would include algeria, to combat the scourge of terrorism in that region. more to come in northern africa. back to you. >> arthel: greg palkot, thank you very much for that report. >> rick: new coalition of gun rights supporters trying to send a message to washington proclaiming today national gun appreciation day and they're urging americans to head to local gun stores and ranges and gun shows to show their support. ironically, a couple of accidental shootings at some of those events. all of this comes as the country is debating solutions to gun violence in the wake of the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. of course, this past week when the president announced some executive orders on gun violence. catherine herridge live from warrenton, virginia. what are you hearing from gun owners? >> thank you and good evening. this is the first time here at clark brothers there have been relative peace and quiet all day. we saw play out over and over was that the parking lot was full and th
obama is the only african to ever serve as first lady. now she is on the verge of another four years in the white house, four years without worrying about another election campaign. we're joined live from california now with professor algore. welcome. how has michelle obama approached the role? >> i think she is doing a good job. i could give her an a-plus. we study the first ladies and we study women, actually. so we get a sense of how politics operates on another sort of sphere. and one of the capacities that the first lady, the role of first lady, has is that it offers the person who steps into it the chance to be a symbol. to have a kind of symbolizing function. so if she chooses, the first lady can decide whether she wants to be the face of her husband's administration. personifying it and sending out messages that are psychological and emotional in nature. and i think michelle obama has done that. >> you wonder about, you know, a sense of freedom for the second term. you see her, her new hairdo. do first ladies tend to express more freedom during the second term, once a campaig
. >> take us through the day. >> i wake up early. then i get in a car and go over to the white house, where the president and mrs. obama and my wife and i and the other four of of the inaugural committee have tea. it is a tradition. then we wait in a room, where we will serve new york style greek yogurt to people. then we marched on the platform and have the ceremony. >> what is the most meaningful thing you are looking for? >> -- forward to? >> and think of election day, when you go run to the polling places in the evening. there are lot of people who are tired. they want to get home. feed the kids, do the chores, watch tv. they stand in quiet dignity and going to the polling place. the next morning, we all abide by the result. i cannot recall a demo the day after. this ceremony signifies that peaceful passing of power. it should give you faith in america. the team we have chosen is, faith in the future of america. the symbol of this inauguration is the completion of the capitol dome. in two years earlier, when lincoln became president, the dome was have finished, and it was an eyesore. th
to come up with a down payment. >>> plus, how has four years in the white house aged president obama? >>> good morning, looking live at our fremont camera on what is a start to a day that is going to be absolutely beautiful this morning. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter who is a lucky duck to have the forecast he has this weekend. >> it's been a great week. each and every day it's gotten warmer and warmer even into the weekend. clear skies for the most part across the bay area but very cold temperatures now. 31 in gilroy, 35 in san jose, 39 in oakland, 30 in santa rosa. we're expecting to see a bright day, lots of sunshine, going to warm us quickly, just as many of us got close to 0 degrees yesterday we're looking at a similar situation today, santa cruz at 71 degrees, our warm spot with the strong offshore flow. san francisco at 69 and same for oakland and san jose at 68. there is one word of caution, there is a high surf advisory this weekend so with the warm temperatures you may be tempted to get out to the beach. definitely avoid prolonged periods of tu
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